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Professional service with long lasting results.

Welcome to the world of Keratin

Keratin Revolution Nano Intense Treatment

1. Say ‘good-bye’ to frizzy hair! 

Keratin treatments which are infused with high quality proteins repair the broken cuticles, creating hair that is smoother and less prone to frizzing. This effectively means that each hair strand is not as thirsty for outside moisture - in effect making your hair water-proof and easier to dry/style.

2. Get hair that shines like a diamond.

The Keratin treatment offers an amazing solution to dry and damaged hair. The treatment fills in the gabs in your hair, making each strand stronger and smoother. By pumping your hair with high quality Nano-Keratin proteins you hair will he rejuvenated, will appear brighter and will be restored to a much more youthful state! 

3. It calms your hair texture.

If you want to keep your curly or wavy locks, a Keratin treatment can help smoothen without losing your natural texture. The Keratin system allows for complete versatility of style - so you can create a super sleek and straight style or you can go for a more voluminous bouncy blow-dry finish - maybe even curls. 

Whatever your choice of style your hair will be much more manageable and will cause you so much less stress! Think of it as having a great hair day everyday!

Stylists - £160-£290

Owner - £175-£319

Sam's Story

How it all began

I first came into contact with Keratin Treatments 12 years ago when a previous employer offered to do it for me.

My natural hair is afro textured and extremely thick, tight curls. I'd tried most things to calm my curls and just make my life easier all which had had a detrimental effect on my hair. The last time I had my hair relaxed the lady left it on far too long and my hair was the same consistency as chewing gum, breaking off in handfuls, I had to have it cut from blow my shoulder to a pixie cut. I was devastated and vowed there and then that I would never do anything to my hair ever again. I tried to embraced my natural hair but in all honesty I hated it and still do. I worked within a salon and they owner could see how unhappy I was about my hair so asked me if I'd like a Keratin Treatment, I had no idea what it was and was scared of damaging my hair all over again. She assured me it was good for my hair and that it would work wonders, I was apprehensive and dubious. When she had finished after around 3 hours (I have a lot of hair) I was blown away but the real test was doing it myself at home which was always a massive chore. IT WORKED! How is this possible? It hadn't straightened my hair but it had dramatically reduced my volume and drying time and had even loosened my curl. That day changed the way I thought about my hair and even my appearance, just by having sleek and overall more manageable hair I became more confident. That is exactly how I want each and every client to feel after their treatment in my salon.

Fast forward 10 years and I'm now the owner of the UK's only and first Keratin Salon and I still hold the title of the No1 Keratin Specialist in the UK!

Keratin isn't just my passion, it's my whole life and has changed it in so many ways.


A little about the Keratin One team.

Samantha Holland - Owner & Specialist


Sam has been in the hair industry for 17 years and considers herself very lucky to have a job she's passionate about. 


"It's very important that each and every client feels comfortable and confident throughout their appointment with me."


Sam has specialised in Keratin Treatments for 11 years and uses the most advanced formaldehyde free product on the market by Keratin Revolution. 

"I believe the best hairdressers never stop learning"


Sam was named the UK's No1 Keratin specialist in 2017 and still currently holds the title. She has won many awards for her blow drying technique as well as Best new salon in 2021.

Samantha Whelan - Keratin Specialist & Nail Technician

Sam has been in the hair and beauty industry for 18 years, working her way up from hairdresser and nail technician to beauty and CND educator now to a Keratin One specialist. Sam joined Keratin Revolution for their course in August 2020 and has been perfecting her skills since then.

"I love the Hair and Beauty Industry and everything it brings"

Samantha-Jane has been part of the team since the beginning as our Nail and Eyebrow technician. She is an extremely talented and hardworking individual who has become a fantastic Keratin specialist.

"I'm a perfectionist and won't finish until it's perfect"

Jan Whelan - Hairstylist & Keratin Specialist.

Jan has been in the hair industry for 40 years. She is a very experienced stylist who has managed hair and beauty salons over the years. Jan has specialist in many areas such as perms, colour, keratin treatments and styling.

"Being in the hair industry for as long as I have you see it all and love it all"

Jan has worked with both Sam and Samantha-Jane on and off for 10 years. She is extremely talented and you'll have a brilliant time in her chair.

"Hair is the crown you never take off"

Illiyianna Williams - Hairstylist and Keratin Specialist.

Illiyianna is the baby of the salon and has been with us since February 2024. She has over 2 years experience in the hair industry. She has a real passion for all aspects of the hair industry and her skills and work show this.

"I love that my job is to make people feel beautiful and self confident"

Illiyianna just like Sam has struggled to find the right products and routine with her hair. She loves her natural curls and loves the effects the Keratin Treatment give her. 

"Because of the hair industry, I now see the true beauty of having love for your job, I think that is extremely important"

Sam Headshots - Keratin One Manchester 18.Oct.21_edited.jpg
Sam Keratin One - Photos 22.Jan.22 (296 of 308).jpg


From long standing, happy clients

I have been having my hair done by Sam for the last two years. It is long and in fantastic condition! She has several new clients that are my colleagues because of how they admire my beautiful hair at work!! I will always travel to see Sam and get my essential maintenance!!

Helga Philip

My hair is thriving after having the Keratin Treatment. Completely obsessed with how my hair is now, especially after that first wash. Curls are still there but much more manageable. Thanks also for making the salon feel so safe as a hijabi.

Rahma Mohamed

Sam is THE BEST hairdresser in the game. After 3 treatments my hair feels and is so much more manageable. Saved my life & time. Couldn't thank her enough.

Monique Michelle

I've had Keratin Treatments before but this is another level. Amazed at how my hair dried naturally with no products. Absolutely love it. Had a great cut too. Highly recommend.

Farida Shinwell


The Answers You Need

How much is the treatment?

For the Keratin Treatment we charge based on the hair length, thickness and texture.

Owner - £175-£319

Stylists - £160-£290

We do ask for a £50 non refundable deposit at the time of booking that will be deducted from your final bill. All of our appointments are timed and we levy a £20 per hour charge if the appointment runs over your timed slot.

When can I wash my hair after the treatment?

As we use the most advanced Keratin Treatment there is no 'leave on' period so you are able to wash your hair the same day (not that you'd want to).

When can I colour my hair?

If having bleach we recommend having the Keratin Treatment 10-14 days after the bleaching process.
If having an all over colour or a root touch up we recommend having the Keratin Treatment 10-14 days before the colouring process.
The Keratin treatment can lighten/change the hair colour so we don't recommend colouring pre Keratin service. Colour change usually happens when there is a build up of colour on the hair.

Will the Keratin straighten my hair?

No, the Keratin Treatment is not a straightening treatment. It will smooth the curl and eliminate the frizz with this the curls will be looser and more defined.

Does the Salon have a private room for Muslim ladies?

We are a fully private Salon. The windows are frosted so clients cannot be seen from the outside and for extra security we lock the door throughout private appointments.

How long does it take?

The whole process can take anywhere between 2 and 5 hours. This depends on the hair length, thickness and texture.

How long does the treatment last?

Based on washing the hair twice a week with the correct aftercare the treatment will last 4 months.

How do I prepare my hair for the Keratin Treatment?

We ask if you're taking your hair out of braids to remove the braids, wash and detangle the hair ahead of the appointment.

If your hair isn't in braids just to make sure your hair is detangled as much as possible prior to the appointment. 

Cancellation Policy


Your appointments are very important to the team members at Keratin One. Your appointment is reserved especially for you and, while we understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, we respectfully request at least 72 hours notice for cancellations.

Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. We will confirm your appointment with you 72 hours in advance because we know how easy it is to forget an appointment you booked months ago. 


Since the services are reserved for you personally, a cancellation fee will apply if you fail to give at least 72 hours notice that you will not be able to make your appointment.

-    Less than 72 hours notice will result in a charge of the £50 deposit

-    'No shows' or on the day cancellations will be charged 50% of the reserved service amount.

-    For appointments made within the 72 hour period, if you cannot make you appointment, please cancel within 24 hours of you appointment time. Failure to do so will result within a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.

The cancellation gives the time to inform our standby guests of any availability and keep our team members schedules filled. Our aim is to provide you with an excellent level service and our policies help us to achieve this. 


As a courtesy, we will email to confirm your appointment (4 days in advance) and by text (48 hours prior to your appointment date). The email will ask you to confirm the appointment, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and the cancellation fee. There will be a £20 late fee for attending your appointment 15 minutes or more late.

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